Anguilla LLC Company Formation

Anguilla Company (Anguilla LLC)

The Anguilla Limited Liability Company (LLC) is based on the traditional Wyoming LLC legislation, but the Anguilla LLC is developed further to include provisions of duration of LLC, in that the duration of the Anguilla LLC can be perpetual or as otherwise set out in the agreement. And unlike the Wyoming LLC which has to be structured with four main corporate characteristics (limited liability, centralized management, free transferability of interest, continuity of life); the Anguilla LLC can be structured with less than three of these, while providing the LLC members with limited liability.

When created in such a way, the LLC is then treated as a partnership. The stand alone LLC is a cross between a company and a partnership carefully designed to capitalize on the benefits of both. The main advantages of an LLC over the corporation, is the hassle free maintenance, limited (or none existing) reporting and accounting requirements and limited liability features.

The Anguilla Limited Liability Company (LLC) has the following beneficial features:

  • Anguilla LLC, local or offshore is 100% tax exempt
  • No taxes, duties or fees are levied on the assets or the income originating outside Anguilla.

Anguilla Company Formation

  • A single person can set up an Anguilla LLC (individual or corporate, any nationality)
  • No requirement for local members for Anguilla LLCs
  • No requirement for a secretary
  • An Anguilla LLC must have the name ending of LLC.
  • Migration of Anguilla company is possible
  • Articles of Organization may be amended, merged or consolidated with other domestic or foreign LLCs

Anguilla LLC Incorporation

  • Same day formation available for Anguilla LLC

Anguilla LLC — Meetings, Records and Accounts Requirements

  • No requirements to file accounts or annual records
  • Annual general meetings are not required
  • There are no audit requirements

Anguilla Company Confidentiality and Privacy

  • Anguilla has what we call a closed registry; the names of members are not a part of any public record
  • Nominee members are available which provide and added layer of privacy
  • Commercial confidentiality ensured by legislation
  • No exchange or financial reporting involved.

Anguilla Offshore Companies Maintenance and Administration

  • Affordable annual maintenance fees
  • All Anguilla LLC must pay annual maintenance fee to keep the company in good standing, this fee is affordable and is a standard service provided by us, the registered agent
  • No other administrative requirement required, other than those carried out by the agent annually
  • Re-domiciliation of Anguilla LLC is permitted

Anguilla LLC Trademark Registration Services

We offer company trademark registration as one of our company incorporation services. When you incorporate the Anguilla LLC, register your companies’ trademarks in one, two or three jurisdictions, protecting your company name, and marks. This ensures exclusive rights to your Anguilla company name and other corporate marks you own.

  • Our company trademark registration is valid for ten years, and can be renewed thereafter
  • Affordable trademark registration options for the Anguilla LLC in one, two or three jurisdictions
  • Reliable, efficient registration services for the Anguilla LLC, once you have incorporated with us, we can begin the process for trademark registration

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Anguilla LLC Company Formation

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