Nevis Company Formation

Nevis Limited Liability Company (Nevis LLC)

A Nevis Limited Liability Company (Nevis LLC) is one of the affordable choices in offshore entities that will provide the many benefits, and international functionality with the limited liability. The Nevis Limited Company is attractive to those looking for tax efficiency as well as asset protection. The standalone LLC is a cross between a company and a partnership carefully designed to capitalize on the benefits of both.

Nevis LLC Advantages

The main advantages of an LLC over the corporation, is the hassle free maintenance, limited (or none existing) reporting and accounting requirements and limited liability features. And while an investor may appreciate all these benefits nothing more sacred to offshore investors than their confidentiality and privacy. Under the Nevis Confidential Relations Act of 1985, super privacy is guaranteed. The Nevis Limited Liability Company Ordinance 1995 is the governing piece of legislation for the Nevis LLC. The Nevis Limited Liability Company (LLC) has the following beneficial features:

  • Nevis LLC, local or offshore is 100% tax exempt
  • There is no corporate tax, no income, capital gains, withholding, inheritance, estate, profit, or any other forms taxes on Nevis
  • No stamp tax or duties
  • No exchange controls

Nevis Companies Formation

  • A single person can set up a Nevis LLC
  • No requirement for local members for a Nevis LLC
  • Migration of Nevis Offshore LLC company is possible

Nevis Offshore Companies Incorporation Process

  • Same day incorporation available for Nevis offshore LLCs

Nevis LLC — Meetings, Records and Accounts Requirements

  • No requirements to file accounts or annual records
  • Annual general meetings are not required
  • There are no audit requirements

Nevis Offshore LLC Confidentiality and Privacy

  • Nominee members are available which provide an added layer of privacy
  • Commercial confidentiality ensured by legislation

Nevis LLC Maintenance and Administration

  • Affordable annual maintenance fees
  • All Nevis Limited Liability Companies must pay annual maintenance fee to keep the company in good standing, this fee is affordable and is a standard service is provided by us, the registered agent
  • No other administrative requirement required, other than those carried out by the agent annually

Nevis LLC Services for Trademark Registration and Protection

Our wide range of valuable incorporation services includes trademark registration of your company’s marks and logos. You can register your company trademarks in three jurisdictions — Anguilla, Dominica and Nevis. We recommend you register company trademarks to protect your company and ensure exclusive rights to name and marks for the Nevis Corporation formed. Company trademarks can include logos, slogan and business name.

  • Nevis LLC trademark registration is valid for 10 years and can be renewed
  • Choose one, two or three jurisdictions to register you the Nevis LLC trademark
  • Our affordable trademark registration options in Dominica, Anguilla or Nevis
  • Trademark registration services can be completed within three months (includes standard 2-month publications)
  • We are trusted and offer reliable, efficient trademark registration services.

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Nevis Company Formation

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